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Holistic Nurses at Annual Conference
HOLISTIC NURSES CELEBRATE   Château On The Lake Resort in Branson MO was the location in June for the American Holistic Nurses Association's (AHNA) 35th annual conference. This year's theme - Healthcare:Grounded in Holistic Nursing. The purpose of this year's conference was enabling participants to integrate the historical foundations of holistic nursing into the creation of strategies designed to support the transformation of contemporary healthcare into a practice grounded in holism. Local holistic nurses, Elaine Lutz (Boonsboro) and Debra James (Hagerstown), were among approximately 400 nurses from across the country in attendance.   Elaine Lutz, in addition to attending educational sessions provided Watsu® instruction as one of the early morning activities. Watsu® (Water Shiatsu) began in 1980 when Harold Dull started floating people while applying the stretches and principles of the Zen Shiatsu he had studied in Japan. Stretching strengthens muscle and increases flexibility. Warm water, which many associate with the body's deepest states of waking relaxation, is the ideal medium. The support of water allows for easier movement and deeper stretching. Elaine is also a certified practitioner of Therapeutic Touch®, a holistic, evidence-based therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well being. She offers Therapeutic Touch® once a month at Williamsport Retirement Village.   Debra James, a board certified holistic nurse since 2010, is a former member of the AHNA Research committee, and for three years has been an AHNA Peer Reviewer. She is also a Reiki Master, Certified Laughter Leader providing instruction in therapeutic laughter, and provides wellness coaching and consulting. "Holistic nursing is not about modalities. It's about being fully focused and present with patients/clients, treating people as a whole system (mind-body-soul) rather than as a disease or dysfunctional organ, and understanding the importance of self-care." Locally, Debra can be found at Meritus Medical Center providing holistic care to medical-surgical and cardiac patients.   For more information about holistic nursing and the American Holistic Nursing Association, check out their website at:
Streb's Oil & Vinegar at Westview Promenade
Streb's Oil & Vinegar at Westview Promenade Shopping Center - Frederick, Maryland
New dermatology office opening in Hagerstown in November 2013
Hagerstown Derm and Skincare is a new dermatology practice opening in November 2013! We will take most insurances, Medicare and MD Physicians care. Please visit our website for more information!
Baker Park Play Down
The Baker Park Play Down was organized by Sue Kemp of Soolah Hoops and some of her friends.
Blaine Young Goes Green!
Blaine Young rides a bike from Brown's Liquor Beer Wine & Deli to the Frederick Motor Company as a result of a $100 bet!
Senator Ben Cardin Town Hall Meeting Hagerstown
Senator Ben Cardin hosted a health care reform town meeting today in Western Maryland. Cardin hosted the town hall meeting at Hagerstown Community College.
Brighton Azalea Garden
The Brighton Azalea Garden is a great place to take Mom on Mothers Day!
Losing Your Mind Over Losing Weight!
The do's and don'ts of dieting.
Fishy Feet
All about the new fish pedicure
Anger Management
A few ways to cool down or express your anger in a healthy way.
Sleepy Time - Part Two
Part two of "sleep disorders"
Sleepy Time - Part One
Part one of a brief discription of sleep disorders.
Dick Baldwin is amazing
Dick Baldwin is to the Mission of Mercy what a seasonedNon Com is to soldiers under fire. (a Non Com is a Non Commissioned Officer, a Sargent or Chief Petty Officer) Mission of Mercy
Are you somebodies puppet? Manipulation
Webster's New World Dictionary defines manipulation as: 'managing or controlling artfully or by shrewd use of influence, often in an unfair or fraudulent way; to alter or falsify for one's own purpose.\\\\\\

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